6 Industries Heading Towards IIoT Disruption

It is generally believed that by 2030, the IIoT industry could witness a staggering increase of around $7 trillion in its revenue. Various global superpowers are developing national strategies for such technological advancements in diverse industries. There are several such businesses that are believed to be at the verge of a large-scale IIoT disruption, six of [...]

How to use the Kymera Twilio Notification Module

The Kymera Twilio Notification Module is the next step in flexible and affordable alarm notifications. The Kymera Twilio Notification module enables scripts and alarms to text or call out to individuals and groups, handle the responses via scripting, and authenticate to shelve or acknowledge the alarm conveniently from your phone.

Critical Security Challenges Facing IIoT

Critical Security Challenges Facing IIoT   The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as the Industrial Internet, is transforming the way innovative businesses collect and share data. IIoT combines machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, industrial big data analytics, human machine interface and data acquisition to drive smarter, faster business decisions and powerful outcomes for enterprises of any [...]

How to use the Kymera Pinger Driver Module

Check out our latest video on the Kymera Pinger Driver Module. This video provides an overview of how the module provides the ability to expose the connectivity status and last successful ping time of devices reachable from the Ignition server as tags. With this tool you can monitor network health, visualize the effects of changing parameters, [...]

How to use the Kymera Map Panel Module

Check out our latest video on the Kymera Map Panel module. This module provides the ability to display and interact with maps from a series of map providers based on OpenStreetMap tiles. Learn how to create dynamic map applications inside of Ignition with points of interest, routes, and 2D drawn shapes through the drag-and-drop Map Panel [...]

What is SCADA?

What is SCADA? It is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. What does that mean though? I’ve always found the simplest way to explain something is to find a common topic to relate it to. For example, the TV show “How It’s Made”. Imagine in one of the automated factories on that [...]

Labjack Driver

A local architecture and engineering firm set out to test different building cladding and insulation approaches for their buildings; however, collecting test data turned out to be a large roadblock.  How could they record data from multiple sensors at a high rate and consolidate this data without a lot of manual steps?  Finding a platform that [...]